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Classes at Body Basics

Monday - Exercise for Beginers 2.00 - 3.00pm

For many people the hardest part of getting started is walking in through the door and making that first step. This class is designed for the novice to begin with some gentle exercise under supervision. The class sizes are small so there is no need to feel self-conscious and everyone is there to encourage each other. As soon as that first step is made it’s all downhill from there and your health and fitness will start to improve.

Tuesday - Mixed Group Training 9.30am - 10.30am

Our Tuesday class is aimed at people who may have trained in the past and are wanting to boost their fitness and motivation. Every session is different but adding in training elements such as Cardiovascular work, strength training, core stability and flexibility. If you can fit this class into your weekly schedule then just give us a ring and get started.

Wednesday - Circuit Training 6.30pm - 7.30pm

This class is for the fairly experienced trainer who wants to be pushed past their normal threshold level. It’s very hard to recreate this training environment on your own, but hopefully you’ll feel the benefits from working hard. We include many standard exercises such as squats, press ups, dips, step ups along with a few unconventional ones !
At the moment our home for circuits is The Dugout (under KMS Memorial hall)

Thursday - Core Stability 7.30pm - 8.15pm

Due to the general wear and tear of everyday life, peoples occupations and sporting do’s or don’ts our posture can take a real pounding. This sometimes leads to structural problems and possibly pain. Therefore if you can work on your CORE muscles around the middle it may help to offset the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the strain it places on our spine. This class is a gentle pace and we use fitballs and stability discs to improve core function and work on postural problems.

Saturday - Boot Camp - Subject to Availability 9.00am - 10.00am

Come and meet us near the Scout Hut in KMS every Saturday morning for some outdoor fitness and fun. For those people who prefer the great outdoors this is the class for you ! Every week is different and we’ll work on various elements of fitness with a few games thrown in along the way. Just phone to book on to make sure we’re on for training that week. Hope to see you there.

Summer of Sport - May to August

Here at Body Basics we#re more than just a gym ! In Summer 2011 we started our ‘SUMMER OF SPORT’. This was a simple idea to provide a different sporting challenge every Wednesday night throughout summer. We tried a variety of sports including rock climbing, archery, trampolining and tag rugby. As it was successful we will be offering another opportunity in 2012.

We also organise an annual school fitness challenge called RYEDALE SUPERSCHOOLS. This was started in 2008, and the aim was to encourage children into a more active, all round spots challenge, as an addition to regular team school sports. We hold 5 sessions within school to discover hidden talent in a variety of challenges based on speed, strength, power or accuracy. A finals night is then organised to pitch the schools together for a fun, competitive challenge.


News & Events

  • 15th / October / 2011 Relocation to our new premises complete with fitness Gym, Spa and Therapy Rooms more>>

  • 12th / October / 2011 Delivery of our new Body Basics Studio Leaflet complete with fitness classes, dates and membership prices.

  • 9th / October / 2011 We are proud to employ DepthChargeDesign & Print to build us our new website more>>

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